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  • Contact the ski patrol team of the ski resort ;
  • Contact EUROP ASSISTANCE by phoen, fax or email within 10 days after the event occurred;
  • Obtain the prior agreement of EUROP ASSISTANCE before taking any action or undertaking any expenses and comply with recommended solutions ;
  • Supply EUROP ASSISTANCE with original documents for expenses for which reimbursement is requested.
  • Supply EUROP ASSISTANCE with the final account statement from the institution to enable any differences to be compensated.

The insured person must first announce the loss of existing insurance. Then it will send the final tally of its insurance Europ Assistance to demand any claims to insurance benefits not covered by his insurance.


  • Original ski-pass
  • Copy of medical certificates
  • Precise personal particulars
  • Bank details
  • All original receipts for expenses for which reimbursement is requested


It is bound to entirely respect its obligations as regards notification, legal or contractual information and the procedures to be followed (e.g. declaring losses promptly to Europ Assistance within 10 day).

It is bound to do everything in its power to limit the extent of the loss and help in elucidating its cause (e.g. authorizing third parties to remit documents, information and other elements needed to account for the loss to Europ Assistance).

If expenses are advanced, the insured company is bound to reimburse the sum advanced to Europ Assistance within thirty days.

Notify in any case to your previously existing insurers which were in force at the time when the ski-pass was issued. Then you may send the final account statement from your insurers to Europ Assistance in order to apply for statement of any insurance claim which may not already have been covered.

Europ Assistance advise guests from EU Member States to contact the KVG Joint Institution
KVG Joint Institution - Institution Commune LAMal - Gibellstrasse, 25 - CH-4503 Soleure
@ : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel : +41 32 625 30 30 - Fax : +41 32 625 30 90 - Internet :
The institution will act instead of you insurers.

  • Then you may send to Europ Assistance the final account statement from the institution to enable any differences to be compensated.
  • In case of failure to comply with the above obligations, Europ Assistance will not be liable.

This list only indicates the most common obligations. Other obligations are stipulated in the General Insurance Conditions and the LCA.


Europ Assistance (Suisse) Assurances SA
Avenue Perdtemps 23 - CP 3200 - CH-1260 NYON 1

Email :

24/7 Phone:
+41 (0)22 939 22 32

Fax :
+41 (0)22 939 22 45


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